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We Thrive on Excellent Sound. 
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Audio Services

There’s is nothing more pleasing than viewing an excellently shot and edited video backed by solid, clear audio. We aim to capture the cleanest, clearest most natural audio that can be achieved. At the heart of the studio is our production analog recording console a Sony MXP-3600 (pictured at the left). This is a very high end, excellent sounding tracking board loaded with John Hardy mic pre’s as well Sony transformer coupled and transformerless microphone pre’s. Outboard gear includes mic pre’s from D.W. Fearn and a compliment of analog compressors, gates and effects.   Digital recording programs include the latest version of Pro Tools, Digital performer, Sony CD Architect DSP Quatro and Adobe Audition running on Mac computers (running Mac Parallels for the Windows programs). For analog recording we have a very nice Otari MTR 90 Mk III 2” machine with Dolby SR noise reduction and an Otari MTR 10 1/4” mixdown deck. Both machines are in top condition and sound awesome. Phone patch is available for communications during remote voice overs. All AC power is filtered, cleaned and stabilized through Furman power conditioners. For location recording where multiple channels of audio are captured (i.e. live bands / concerts) we pipe the audio through an Allen Heath GL2400 into Black Lion Audio modified Motu converter’s into Pro Tools. For audio capture on remote video shoots we typically use a Sound Devices 302 mixer into a 702T or 744T field recorder. We have multiple portable audio capture devices along with shotgun mic’s, hypercardioid mic’s, boom poles, wireless systems and lavalier microphone’s.