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Equipment List

Here is a list of all in-house equipment
Equipment List Equipment List
Sony FS7 4K camera Sony FS5 4K camera DJI Phantom 4 - 4K video drone (3) Sony EX1 XDCAM HD camera (3) Canon HDV cameras (3) Atomos Samurai Blade HD recorders (5) Lectrosonics SMQV - ucr411A wireless Sennheiser G3 wireless lav system (2) Rode wireless Sound Devices 302 Sound Devices 702T Sound Devices 744T Zoom H4N and several Tascam field recorders Shure FP33 Mackie 8 & 16 channel Multi-channel mic splitter Booms, blimps, softies, wind covers Stedi Cam system - vest & articulating arm Video lighting (studio & location) Final cut 7 Final Cut X (FCPX) Adobe CC Full Suite (Premiere Pro, Photoshop etc.) Avid Media Composer (4) Shure wireless handheld mic’s (3) Shure wireless lav’s Betacam SP decks (Sony BVW-75 & UVW-1800) Digital Betacam deck (Sony DVW-A500) Time Base Corrector - 2 (FOR.A model FA-510) Multi-drive RAID systems (capable of multi-stream uncompressed HD) 8MM video - super 8, digital 8 players Panasonic AJ HD-1400 DVCPRO HD Deck 1 inch video deck (Sony BVH-3100) U-Matic ¾ SP deck (Sony VO-9850) DVCAM deck (Sony DSR-1500A) HDV Deck (Sony HVR-1500) SVHS decks (Sony SVO-5800 & SVO-5600)
DSP Quattro audio editing DAW Digital Performer DAW Pro Tools DAW  (800 + plug-ins) Many video & audio software, plug-ins, tools, etc. Multiple sound effects effect’s library’s Mac book pro laptops (15” & 17”) Mac pro Intel towers (3) Windows laptop (2) Otari MTR-90 III - 2 inch 24 track analog with Dolby xp noise reduction Otari MTR-10 1/4 inch Studio lighting – multiple light boxes Waves audio plug in's (most of their catalog) Genelec 1031A monitor speakers Avatone monitor speakers Sony MXP-3036 studio mixer Mic pre’s - John Hardy, DW Fearn, Sony (multiple) 32 Channels of audio I/O converters 25+ studio and field microphones (all styles & types) Neumann, Schoeps, Audix, AKG, Sanken, Sennheiser, EV, Mojave, Rode, many others Full complement of outboard audio (compressors, gates, reverbs, delay’s) Headphones – many AKG & others Headphone distribution system Furman power conditioners for studio AC electrical distribution (clean isolated power to everything) House sync for video Apogee master clock for audio sync ART 3-way transformer coupled mic splitter - 24 channels JK Audio Broadcast Host Digital Hybrid phone interface (2) Pioneer PRV LXP1 DVD recorder/duplicator Large Screen TV display HD CRT monitor SD CRT monitor Teranex video processors - multiple (up/down convert, noise  reduce, aspect control, cadence correction)