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Concerts, conferences, theatrical productions, church events, social events, sports, recitals, corporate events, interviews, product marketing, Internet video, full featured productions and just about anything else that can be captured by video or audio.
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Video - Audio On Location Recording Services

Our equipment includes multiple high definition video camera’s mounted on professional fluid head tripods for stable and controllable video camera control. For multi-camera shoots our post production facility can assemble the video shots in order of you preference. Audio is usually captured separately to a stand alone digital audio recording with live-room audio captured by each of the cameras. A reference audio feed is typically feed to one of the cameras. We have an array of microphones that are used depending on the event characteristics. We may use wireless (or wired) lav or clip mic’s, boom held “Shotgun” mic’s or combination thereof. We have many, many different types of microphones. Video - Audio remote equipment includes: Video: Sony PXW FS7 4K Camera DJI Phantom 4 Video Drone (3) Sony EX1 XDCAM HD camera’s (1) Canon XL H1 HD Camera (2) Canon XH A1s HDV camera (3) ATOMOS HD video recorder (records Pro Res or AVID DNxHD to hard drive) Multiple lighting systems Manfrotto - Bogen tripods w/fluid heads Audio: Lectrosonics wireless lav SMQV transmitters - UCR411A series receiver (2) Rode wireless lav’s Sennheiser G3 wireless (4) Shure wireless handheld mic’s (3) Shure wireless lav’s (2) Audio Technica AT899 wired lav’s Sanken CS 11D lav Sennheiser 416 (2) Audix SCX 1 hypercardiod and cardiod capsules Scheops CMC641 Sanken CS 3E Sound Devices 744T & 702T audio recorder Sound Devices 302 mixer Shure FP33 field mixer Macbook Pro with Pro Tools & Digital Performer audio programs Multiple boom poles, C stands and accessories For a live band concert event or other events where many channels of audio are needed an audio mixing board is used capable of handling all the audio inputs. Audio is tracked to Pro Tools via high quality converters. When working with a live sound engineer we’ll use transformer coupled 3- way mic splitters to interface with the live sound equipment.
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